Impala Bafokeng Platinum mine workers to resume protest

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Workers at the Impala Bafokeng Platinum mine in Rustenburg in the North West are expected to resume with their protest later this afternoon.

They are expected to report for night shift duty today when the mine reopens after the December holidays.

On Saturday, workers were protesting at the mine.

Their demands include mine management withdrawing the suspension notices it issued against some workers for their involvement in a three-day sit-in underground last month

The last protest was over issues related to workers’ pension funds and the employee share scheme.

The workers say they will not return to work until their demands are met.

Workers say they will not return to Impala Bafokeng Platinum mine, want demands met:

Before the mine closed for the December holidays, over 2 000 workers embarked on an underground sit-in.

They eventually called it off and resurfaced due to hunger.

Now they say some of the workers have been dismissed, others suspended over this and yet their grievances have yet to be addressed by management.

One of the workers, Lucky Moroatsene, says another problem is that the mine and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) have invested their pension fund elsewhere without their knowledge.

“You invest money, but you didn’t discuss with us. We have never mandated them. There is no agreement that our money should be invested at Impala. Pay out our money and that is simple and negotiable. Not what today we are overseeing.”

The mine has seen some changes after being bought by Impala: