Miners resurface at Impala Platinum after sit-in

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The miners from the Impala Bafokeng Platinum Mine in Rustenburg in the North West, who embarked on an underground sit-in, say they are still awaiting a response on the grievances from management.

The more than 2 000 employees, who began their sit-in on Monday, have resurfaced after three full days.

They were protesting over a number of issues relating to workers’ pension funds and the employee share scheme. Representative for the miners, Lucky Moreotsene, says the miners feel that their concerns have yet again fallen on deaf ears.

“All of them have resurfaced. As we speak now, we are still waiting for the response from the management or the management to speak to them. But it’s true, all of them are on the surface. I think the agreement as we speak is being emailed and the management response is on its way, but we are not happy, but what can we say as long as there is no one that is dead we are happy.”

Earlier, some of the miners who were part of the underground sit-in began resurfacing overnight.

Many of them resurfaced for health reasons. The mine management has warned that any worker who participates in the protest action could face criminal charge.

Update from Hasina Gori: