Human Rights Commission receives complaint about Enyobeni tavern tragedy

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The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance in South Africa has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission regarding the Enyobeni tavern tragedy in East London.

The Commission is currently seeking a legal opinion on how to approach the matter. The complainant is of the view that all government spheres and agencies failed to protect the entire citizenry from the harmful usage of alcohol.

They further argue that the rights of the 21 deceased young people were violated when they were allowed into the establishment.

The Commission’s Head in the Eastern Cape, Dr Eileen Carter, says their own investigations into the tragedy are continuing.

“What are the government institutions doing to curb underage drinking? The selling of alcohol to minors what are they in fact doing and how they have perhaps failed. So ours is now to consolidate that matter to our own investigation and take it forward in terms of our own internal processes we have been consulting with our own stakeholders in the legal fraternity and we are awaiting some finality on what would be the best redress in that regard.”