Enyobeni Tavern tragedy prompts action from Buffalo City Metro and Liquor Board

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Officials from the Buffalo City Metro and the Eastern Cape Liquor Board have made surprise visits to liquor outlets in the Scenery Park area to check compliance with their operating licenses.

The visit is aimed at informing tavern owners about their roles and responsibilities. It also is raising public awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

This follows the death of 21 young people inside the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park on the 26th of June.

The Enyobeni incident sparked a massive debate around underage drinking. The Buffalo City Metro and Eastern Cape Liquor board have partnered to prevent a repeat of this tragedy.

They visited taverns to check on compliance,  Buffalo City Metro’s deputy mayor Princess Faku explains.

“Issues of compliance do you have enough windows that are open, is there enough exit area for people to get out, what time do they allow people to come in sell cigarettes, alcohol and there is age restriction when it comes to that and also inform them if there are any emergencies, which people to call.”

Tavern owner, Thundezile Moya, says it is important to comply with the conditions of operating licenses when running a business.

“It is very important to comply and respect your business can run smoothly even though we don’t like to be monitored every now and again.”

Patrons have also welcomed the initiative. “The problem is that children have got so many rights that’s why is easy for them to do what they want…government must limit children’s right.”

“This is a good initiative, I’m hoping that they not only doing it because of the incident at Enyobeni, there must be regular oversight.”

Preparations for the mass funeral service are also under way. The service is scheduled for Wednesday and President Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that he will attend the funeral.

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