Parents welcome guilty verdict for Enyobeni owners

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The parents of the young people who died at the Enyobeni tavern in East London in the Eastern Cape have welcomed the guilty verdict of the tavern owners.

Siyakhangela and Vuyokazi Ndevu appeared in a regional court yesterday and were found guilty of selling alcohol to minors. This follows the deaths of 21 young people at the tavern, nearly two years ago.

One of the parents, Ntombizonke Mgangala says they look forward to the sentencing

Mgangala says, “We look forward to the sentencing, hoping that they would get a sentence they would deserve so they could learn the lesson. We wish they could be jailed so that they could learn the lesson and send a message to tavern owners outside there not to sell alcohol to the underage. It is also paving a way to the inquest.”

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