Heritage Day celebrations at Oliewenhuis Art Museum in Bloemfontein

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Families who attended Heritage Day celebrations at Oliewenhuis Art Museum in Bloemfontein say it’s important for South Africans to continue to take pride in their culture, beliefs and heritage.

The museum was abuzz with activities where young artists showcased their art and crafts. It highlights the country’s past and vibrant diversity of culture.

Oliewenhuis Art Museum was officially opened in 1989, after the building underwent renovations and restoration. This gives visitors to the museum easy access to a variety of walking trails and scenic picnic spots located within the expansive gardens.

The name Oliewenhuis is derived from the abundance of wild olive trees growing on the surrounding hills. Visual arts and design students from Motheo TVET College say Heritage Day is one of the important days in the calendar as it unites people and makes them appreciate other cultures.

“The art work that I am doing is called master piece. Iys masters old pieces. I did it just to inspire myself because I was lacking self confidence as a lady because in art department we also find gentleman. So I took this opportunity to challenge myself.”

“I like to paint realistic art works that talk about how we live in the society and the problems we actually face sometimes. Heritage for me is a way to bring every child in South Africa together and unite us and I think it’s a good way for us to be United.”

Visitors also enjoyed themselves.

“Oh it’s very nice, it’s my first time here, so it was nice to walk in and see heritage everywhere. I actually like the station where the students made paintings and stuff it’s very nice.”

“It’s very nice I’m enjoying it. The atmosphere is very nice. I’m enjoying the music. And walking through the museum and seeing all of the South African arts especially the portraits made by students so this is very interesting.”

Organisers say the event is for people who enjoy everything that has to do with culture, heritage.

Art guide, Mpho Nyeule says, “We just wanted to create this day where everybody comes together to celebrate who they are. And honestly we have different types of crafts where we show expression through all of that and that symbolize who we are.”

There were also stalls for self-employed youth to exhibit their work.

Heritage Day | Festivities continues at Oliewenhuis Art Museum in Bloemfontein: