Hammanskraal mother slams govt after losing her son to cholera

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The mother of a three-year-old boy who is among the 15 people killed by cholera in Hammanskraal says government has not come to their aid.

This is despite the government’s promise to offer psycho-social support, among others, to the families of the victims.

Three-year-old Tshimologo Semenya passed away on the 14th of May at Jubilee Hospital. He was laid to rest on Friday last week.

His mother, Dimakatso Semenya says they’re struggling to make ends meet. She says they had to take out loans to bury the boy.

“No one has come since the death of my child. I am not okay because I lost my first child. I was expecting assistance to bury my child. My mother was not fine and had to take out loans to bury my child but what else can I say? It’s our government. There’s nothing I can say.”