Govt’s plea to social grant beneficiaries to change Sassa cards

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Social Development minister Suzan Shabangu has made a plea to social grant beneficiaries to change their Sassa cards before the end of September, following a Constitutional Court order.

The Constitutional Court gave Sassa until September this year to finalise the roll out of New cards.

Shabangu says beneficiaries, who still use Cash Paymaster Service cards, will encounter problems with their payments by the end of September.

The minister visited the Sassa service point in Jouberton, Klerksdorp, in the North West, to monitor progress with regards to card swapping.

The South African Post Office has taken over the distribution of social grants from the controversial cash paymaster services.

Shabangu says to date progress has been made, and pleads to those who have not yet changed their cards to do soon.

“It is very interesting because today is not a pay day but lots of people are here to do the card swap and it’s very critical and important for them to do that because the court has given us up to September to terminate our relationship with CPS.”

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