Electricity infrastructure repairs on M1 tunnel complete: City Power

Fire M1 tunnel
Reading Time: 2 minutes

City Power says repairs on the electricity infrastructure on the M1 tunnel are finally complete and power supply is set to be fully restored anytime today.

The newly-installed cable passed the test along with several others after they were gutted by fire two weeks ago due to theft and vandalism.

The fire, estimated to be six times the normal heat, ravaged through a tunnel containing City Power infrastructure, causing damage to the bridge and burned around 500 metres of underground cables.

City Power Spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, says the power supply will be momentarily interrupted to move the load back to the Braamfontein substation.

“The team has been providing supply to some customers using interconnector cables for the past two weeks to ensure that some customers can have electricity. But because those cables are not designed to carry a huge load. But as of yesterday, more than 90% of customers had already been restored using those temporary measures. Today, 100% of the customers will be restored and we will basically ensure that we keep an eye to ensure that there is no trips after that.”