Govt appears to have failed to address SA’s energy crisis: Mogoeng

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The former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng says government appears to have failed to address the country’s energy crisis.

He delivered the 2023 SAFM inaugural lecture at the SABC in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, yesterday.

Mogoeng says the country’s economic growth depends on government’s ability to resolve the energy crisis.

“Why does it look like we are failing or unwilling to resolve the all-important Eskom issue? After all, it has been many years since those who were allegedly corrupt and destroying Eskom have been relieved of their duties, the same group that actually ended load shedding at some point,” says Mogoeng.

“Besides, this is not a new problem and our future, our economy and credibility as a nation depends on the functionality and the efficiency of Eskom,” adds the former Chief Justice.

Meanwhile, Eskom implemented stage 5 rolling blackouts yesterday morning from 05:00 until 20:00. Following this, stage 6 was enforced from 20:00 yesterday until 05:00 this morning.

This cycle of stage 5 power cuts during the day and stage 6 during the night will be a daily occurrence until Saturday morning.

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