Government doing everything in its power to strengthen healthcare system: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says the government is doing everything in its power to strengthen the healthcare system further, in anticipation of the peak which will occur at different times in different provinces.

Gauteng is currently the epicentre of the virus followed by the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

Addressing South Africans Sunday evening on developments in the country’s risk-adjusted strategy to manage the spread of the coronavirus, President Ramaphosa says the government is the process of recruiting hundreds of healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses.

“We are employing more doctors and nurses and negotiating with health science faculties to deploy volunteers to provide medical, nursing, physio, therapy, pharmacy and general patient support. I’ve been extremely proud to hear and to see that medical students are volunteering at hospitals and clinics exemplifying the highest values of the medical profession.”

President Ramaphosa pays homage to frontline workers including media:

‘Coronavirus may be airborne’

Ramaphosa has warned South Africans that emerging science seems to indicate that the coronavirus may be airborne, making the virus even more dangerous and that changes to indoor environments are needed to stop the spread of the disease.  This follows admissions from the World Health Organisation following a number of studies in this area.

Ramaphosa says, “There is now emerging evidence that the virus may also be carried in tiny particles in the air in places that are crowded, places that are closed or places that have poor air ventilation or circulation. For this reason, we must immediately improve the indoor environment of public spaces where the risk of infection is greater. We must increase natural ventilation, avoid a recirculation of air and minimise the number of people sharing the same space.”

SA to remain at Level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa says despite huge concern about the escalation in coronavirus cases, the government has decided that the country will remain at Level 3 of the lockdown.

The President urges citizens to take COVID-19 seriously and act responsibly:

Sale of alcohol suspended 

However, the sale of alcohol has been suspended again while a curfew from 21:00 to 04:00 will be in force from Monday.

People will also now be legally obliged to wear a mask when they leave their homes.

The President says everything possible needs to be done to contain the virus that has now infected more than a quarter of a million South Africans and has criticised those who are not complying with implemented measures. He says many of the deaths have occurred after people attended gatherings, funerals and house parties.

He says there are now 500 infections every hour in South Africa.


President Ramaphosa says it is concerning that people are downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic by hosting parties and not abiding by the regulation of 50 people at funerals.

Specialist Family Physician Doctor Fundile Nyati explains how society can alter behaviour in the fight against COVID-19:


Below is President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Full Speech to the Nation on COVID-19: