Government allocates R25 billion to tackle water crisis in Limpopo’s Sekhukhune District

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The South African government has allocated close to R25 billion to address the severe water crisis in the Sekhukhune district and surrounding areas in Limpopo province. President Cyril Ramaphosa made this announcement during the 8th Presidential Imbizo held in the Tubatse municipality.

Despite being home to two large dams, Flag Boshielo and De Hoop, the region faces critical water challenges. President Ramaphosa has pledged to prioritise the implementation of water projects, even if it requires direct intervention from the national government.

Sekhukhune district, known as the mining hub of Limpopo, has the potential to become the mining capital of the country. However, residents in the area have struggled to reap the benefits. High unemployment rates, limited access to tertiary institutions, illegal mining, crime, poor infrastructure, and water scarcity are persistent issues.

While previous water projects have been commissioned in Sekhukhune, the government has acknowledged the need to address the ongoing difficulties faced by the local population. President Ramaphosa emphasised that money has been allocated specifically to resolve the water crisis.

In addition, the President has warned municipalities that fail to deliver on their service obligations, stating that such incompetence will no longer be tolerated.

The government says it will adopt a new approach through the District Development model to ensure effective project implementation.

Furthermore, the region’s education challenges were highlighted, with only 4% of residents holding higher education qualifications. President Ramaphosa echoed the call for the establishment of mining colleges and universities in the area, emphasising the need for a mining academy to harness the region’s potential.

To improve connectivity, President Ramaphosa also announced plans to enhance the R37 road, which serves as a vital link between the Sekhukhune district and Mpumalanga province.

The 8th instalment of the Presidential Imbizo in Limpopo wraps up: