Gordhan admits to not having all evidence against those he accused of corruption

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Minister Pravin Gordhan has admitted at the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg that he doesn’t have all the evidence against all the people he has accused of corruption.

The previous head of the SA Revenue Service Tom Moyane’s lawyer, Dali Mpofu, questioned Gordhan over his allegations of state capture involving certain individuals including Moyane and the public protector.

Mpofu also asked Gordhan, who was Finance Minister during the period in question, to explain how Moyane’s refusal to account to him constitutes state capture. Gordhan told the commission that he is not on trial and that it is Moyane who must explain himself before the commission.

“My job is not to accept instructions from you, Do you have evidence that the PP is involved in state capture? Let me make clear that am not on trial here, is Mpofu’s clients that must explain here….not sure if that question forms part of the scope you intended.”

The Commission chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, granted Moyane leave to cross-examine Gordhan with conditions last year, after declining his initial request.

Earlier, emotions ran high during the cross-examination of Gordhan by Tom Moyane’s legal counsel Dali Mpofu.

Moyane’s legal team first accused evidence leader Matthew Chaskalson of wasting time by allowing Minister Gordhan to give long replies on matters that they claimed were already public knowledge.

The cross-examination is in the video below: