GBV survivors empowered through skills development in Eastern Cape

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Over 50 survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) have celebrated their graduation from a skills development initiative known as Comprehensive Healing in the Eastern Cape.

The program focuses on promoting self-reliance and equipping survivors to face socio-economic challenges independently.

Many of the graduates have endured physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The Comprehensive Healing program aims to positively impact their lives by addressing the psycho-social and emotional scars resulting from their traumatic experiences.

These survivors, who have faced abuse from intimate partners or have fallen victim to crime and community rejection, are provided with tools to heal from their past and are given a second chance through the program.

Eastern Cape Social Development MEC Bukiwe Fanta highlighted the significance of the skills acquired during the program. She explained, “They have been trained on digital technology on how to deal with Gender-Based Violence in various centres, some of them are in GBV centres… that are sponsored and supported by social development. The skills they acquire here will help them in their centres and homes.”

Expressing excitement and gratitude, survivor Lulekwa Mgxekwa stated, “Today I gained a lot, and I am very passionate.” She emphasized the exposure to online learning and the accredited certificates received during the program.

The government encourages graduates to actively combat GBV within their communities, and a call was made for survivors to become self-reliant.

Re-energising efforts to control gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH)