As the coronavirus cases continue to rise, Gauteng has seen another record high of daily cases, with more than 4000 new infections recorded overnight.
Gauteng’s total confirmed cases now stand at 54 331 with only 14 097 recoveries. At least 282 people have died from COVID-19-related illnesses in the province.
Latest COVID-19 cases in South Africa: 



Saturday marks 100-days since the nationwide lockdown was declared in South Africa. The country has recorded 177 124 cumulative coronavirus infections.
The main economic hub of the country, Gauteng has recorded new infections about three to four times higher than what the Western Cape records daily.
According to the latest national figures, Gauteng recorded 4394 new infections overnight.
In the video below, Gauteng government to meet to discuss the possible reintroduction of stricter lockdown measures: 
There are predictions that the province will soon become the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
Currently, Gauteng only has 12 605 less confirmed cases than the Western Cape which has a total of 66 936 cases.