Sunday Times Political Editor Quaanitah Hunter says intelligence officials have been able to trace and confirm that foreign currency left President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla home destined for Swaziland.

She says this money was moved illegally across borders and is currently sitting at the central bank in Swaziland.

Speaking on SAfm’s Sunrise, Hunter says the money is suspected to be part of late Libyan President Gaddafi’s millions.

She says President Zuma met with Gaddafi shortly before he died and this is where the decision to start moving these millions was taken.

The money was then transported into South Africa back in 2011.

The Sunday Times reported on the millions belonging to Gaddafi having been in SA and hidden at Zuma’s Nkandla home

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International Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has dismissed those claims saying that South Africa was never in the possession of $30 million belonging to the late Libyan leader.

Sisulu says she is aware of the reports and has dismissed them as nothing but rumours.

Hunter says the Sunday Times stands by its report.

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