FW de Klerk’s Nobel Peace Prize stolen

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It’s emerged that former President FW de Klerk’s Nobel Peace Prize has been stolen from his Fresnaye home in Cape Town.

Western Cape Police have confirmed that a case was reported in April this year and is being investigated.

De Klerk was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize alongside former President Nelson Mandela in 1993 for their peace efforts in ending apartheid.

The Nobel Peace Committee also praised the two leaders for laying the foundation for the new South Africa. On its website, it says the two former presidents shared the Peace Prize because they had agreed on a peaceful transition to majority rule.

The Prize is an 18-carat gold medal weighing 196 grams. It’s believed the medal was locked in a safe at the house at the time of the robbery. And that de Klerk’s widow was out of town during the incident.

Police are calling for anyone with information that could assist to come forward.