Former President Zuma to retain benefits even with guilty verdict

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University of Cape Town (UCT) Constitutional law expert, Pierre de Vos says former President Jacob Zuma will still retain his benefits as the former head of state even if he is found guilty of criminal charges he’s now facing.

Zuma will be appearing before the Durban High Court on Friday to answer charges of money laundering, racketeering, and fraud among other things.

The charges relate mainly to the arms deal of the late 90s. De Vos says all retired Presidents are entitled for life to a full salary of close to three million a year, including medical aid, travel benefits, bodyguards and personal assistance staff.

“The simple answer is that nothing will happen to the benefits of the president whether the former president is charged with all the alleged criminal offences or even when if he is convicted. If he is convicted, he will retain his benefits. The only time he will lose his benefits is when he is impeached by parliament, but now he is no longer a president, so he cannot be impeached,” says De Vos.

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