FNB filling up as anticipation builds ahead of Beyonce’s performance

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FNB Stadium is filling up as anticipation builds ahead of the final act of the night, Beyonce at the #GlobalCitizenFestival.

Many have come to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Among those gathered here are South African track athletes Wayde van Niekerk, Akani Simbine, and Heinricho Bruintjies. The three have their own favourite artist whom they are looking forward to see; with Bruintjies picking Jay-Z; Simbine “ can’t wait to see Beyonce”; and Van Niekerk says he is here to listen to Ed Sheeran.

Two friends from Centurion, Yolanda Nyakatha and Barbara Moagi agree with Simbine, as they are what is called the “Bee Hive” “We are here for Beyonce and nothing else.”

Yolanda and Barbara are Best Friends Forever (BFFs) who say they woke up at 3am on Sunday morning only to get a seat at the stadium South of Johannesburg at 14h07.

Barbara Moagi says she can’t wait to see Beyonce and is not sure if she can contain herself when her performance finally comes.

“I am looking forward to Beyonce and I hope I can keep myself from fainting until the end of her set,” says Moagi.

Her friend Yolanda says they will have to take turns in the fainting activity or else they will both miss her performance.

Three other friends say, “Who else could we be here to see?” With a blank face I responded “I do not know.” And like a choir they all said “Beyonce.”

Zavela Mtubu, from Northriding, says she is looking forward to hearing ‘End of time.’ Her friend Ukho Samela and cousin Nosipho Mtubu say they can’t wait to hear her sing their favourites ‘Grown woman’ and ‘Formation’, respectively.

Beyonce and her hip hop star husband, Jay-Z are expected to be the closing acts with their set scheduled to start at 21h30.