Annual Easter Drag Racing attracts hundreds in Kimberley

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Kimberley’s popular annual drag racing event did not disappoint as it attracted about eighty racing drivers from across the country. Hundreds of people, including Kimberlites, descended on the old Johannesburg road to witness the screeching of tyres and the burning of fuel.

The audiences in this year’s drag racing competition say they will come back for more next year.

“I am enjoying it. It’s entertaining but very hot. This is my first. Probably I will next year again.”

“Its my first time here, I am enjoying it. I love the cars, I love the noise.”

“It is my dad, my mom, my older brother and friends.”

Each year, this competition brings skilled drivers competing in high-stakes races. The young ones say each year they don’t miss the race for anything.

Drag Racing Drivers Jody Carls and Ridwaan Augustine say the race is becoming competitive each year.

Meanwhile, the Drag Racing organiser, Sanjay Kajee, has appealed to the private sector and government to get involved.

Kanjee says they wish to have their own land, where they can organise more competitions.