Fikile Mbalula thanks motorists for their patience

Fikile Mbalula
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Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has thanked motorists for their patience – following the re-opening of the M2 highway in Johannesburg.

The bridge was closed for refurbishment in February – after the discovery of structural defects which were found to be posing a danger to motorists. It was refurbished at a cost of R160 million and was among the city’s 900 bridges that were found not to be safety compliant.

Mbalula says the re-opening of the road shows government’s use of taxpayers’ money for the good of the country.

“It doesn’t come cheap, and the SA road users deserve this. It is their resources through taxes and all of that getting relocated for the road maintenance and so on. I know that it inconvenienced people in terms of congestion, but it was worth it, to avoid what could have been a disaster. This is the good job in terms of maintaining our roads with our aging infrastructure. Around us people are happy because they use these roads every day and suffered the inconvenience, but thank you for understanding,” says Mbalula.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JPMD) says traffic is flowing smoothly on the M2 highway.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minaar says, “The M2 freeway has been reopened this morning for traffic to flow after 8 months of closure and rehabilitation to the Selby Bridge and Maritzburg road bridge. And the traffic flow is back to normal. We are seeing literally hundreds of motorists using the M2 Bridge being very happy and blowing hooters as a sign of appreciation and we are happy that everyone can use the freeway.”

Taxi drivers and commuters have expressed joy at the re-opening of the M2 Bridge saying they won’t have to endure major traffic disruptions.

“Closure of the M2 caused disruptions to traffic and motorists had to use the freeway, which led us to traffic congestions and passengers complained about being delayed to work,” says taxi driver.


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