Factionalism haunts ANC’s core values: Mkhize

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ANC presidential contender Zweli Mkhize says one of the primary tasks of the party’s elective conference next month will be to dismantle factions and do away with the election of leadership based on slates.

Mkhize, the party’s Treasurer General, was speaking at a briefing in Umhlanga north of Durban.

He’s admitted that the ANC’s 2007 Polokwane conference brought factionalism and slate politics, which he says are now haunting the party’s core values.

“However, my major regret is that we entrenched a lot of slate politics, and I can always say that I was at the centre of it. I was there and for that reason I feel very strongly that this time around really we must go and dismantle this thing.”

Mkhize adds: ” I feel very strong because I think that for ten years we have had a kind of culture developing that we knew was not necessarily part of ANC culture and if there is anything that I hope could be a dream it to actually ensure that that the leadership that emerge out of this conference do not resemble any factional slate list.”