Eskom can’t avoid loadshedding due to power station breakdowns

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Eskom says having to resort to loadshedding amid cold and wet weather conditions around the country is regrettable.

The power utility has opted to resume stage 2 loadshedding on Wednesday morning from 9am until 10pm tonight. It re-implemented stage 2 on Tuesday saying that its power systems were severely constrained.

Eskom Spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha says six generators were returned to service at Medupi, Tutuka, Kendal, Majuba and Grootvlei power stations on Monday, but four units broke down on Tuesday.

Mantshantsha says, “It is regrettable indeed, but over the last two weeks we have had serious problems with generation infrastructure where we have had no less than 10 breakages, where a machine breaks down and it is repaired and then another breaking down. So, we unfortunately, have had to be at this stage where we had to load shed, which may persist for the rest of the week.”

Eskom implements load shedding again