Companies and individuals who don’t pay workers according to the National Minimum Wage Act will soon be exposed.

The Department of Labour has assigned over 1 300 inspectors to monitor employers who don’t comply with the Act, then publish them on the department’s website.

The legislation, which came into effect early this year, stipulates a minimum rate of R20 per hour, or roughly R3, 400 per month, depending on the number of hours worked.

Department of Labour Chief Director for Statutory Services and from the Adv. Fikiswa Mcanca says, “We are still struggling especially with sectors like the community sectors, where you’ll find that the Crèches, NPO’s and NGO’s will plead that they don’t have money to pay the employees and they will also plead that they need to apply for exemption in order to ensure that they pay less than the National Minimum Wage. But we also have a challenge with the domestic, agricultural, manufacturing, and construction sectors…”

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