EFF focuses on economic, social crisis facing ordinary citizens

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the economic and social crisis confronting ordinary South Africans would be the main focus of its 10th anniversary celebrations on Saturday at FNB Stadium in Soweto.

Thousands of red berets have made their way to the stadium. The organisers say they expect to fill the 94 000- seater venue to capacity.

Member of the EFF’s Central Command Team, Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi lashes out at those who criticised EFF of encouraging its members to open their doors to Africans in the country.

“We are very clear that we as EFF for Africans and let me just state this one without fear or favour to anyone, that we are proud to being Africans. You know Africans are hated all over, so it can’t be that EFF can say now if you are an African from Zimbabwe or Malawi you’re not accepted in SA – it can’t be.

“We are one as Africans. These borders were also as a result of colonialism. We are still standing for our manifesto and our position that there is not foreigners in Africa,” adds Mkhaliphi.

Rights of workers

The Freedom Fighters say they have made great strides to protect the rights of workers. EFF labour desk head, Mkhaliphi says they have constant engagement with ordinary workers on the plight they face on a daily basis. She says they are educating workers on the labour relations Act.

EFF leader Julius Malema is scheduled to speak at 2pm.

Live stream from FNB Stadium: