EFF confident of taking control of Ditsobotla Municipality in North West

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Secretary General Marshal Dlamini says he’s confident that his party will be taking control of the Lichtenburg-based Ditsobotla Local Municipality in the North West.

Dlamini and his deputy, Poppy Mailola, were leading their party’s election campaign trail within the municipal area.

The beleaguered municipality will be hosting by-elections scheduled for next month.

The by-elections are as a result of the dissolution of the municipal council two months ago. The council was dysfunctional and unable to execute its constitutional obligations, something that impacted negatively on service delivery.

During his door-to-door campaign, Dlamini was bold to say they will be victorious.

“We are confident and what gives us confidence is that the people of this municipality themselves they have come to accept that the problem is not the individuals, the problem is the organisation. So, they have taken a decision that the organisation called the ANC will never run this municipality and the only alternative is the EFF. You can see some of them have left the ANC. We are optimistic we know we are going to do well, this is where we are going to deliver the first mayor of the EFF, we’ve got no doubt about that.”

Dlamini says they have already registered all their candidates in all the 20 wards they will be contesting.

“We are contesting all the 20 wards and we can tell you now that we are the only organisation as things stand, that our candidates have been registered. So, the issue of deadline, we are very efficient when it comes to running the organisation. Our candidates, all of them, they are registered with the IEC now. We are going to be putting up their posters. We are on the ground.”

EFF on the campaign trail ahead of Ditsobotla by-elections: