Easter travellers urged to abide by rules of the road

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Home Affairs Minister Dr Siyabonga Cwele says it’s all systems go for the busy holiday season, but he’s pleaded with travellers to comply with regulations in place.

This is in response to the anticipated high traffic volumes during the holiday season.

Minister Cwele outlines the details at a briefing in Pretoria about the operational plan and the implementations for port operations.

His department recorded more than one million travellers during 2018’s Easter period. He says one out of four people travelling during that period were local citizens.

He has appealed to those intending to travel during the upcoming Easter holidays to have proper travelling documents.

The minister has urged all road users to obey the general rules of the road and not to drink and drive.

“We appeal to all South Africans particularly the drivers, they normally cause us problems by jumping the queue and then blocking the road and cause a huge congestion. The traffic police and our SAPS won’t tolerate it. They will be acting very harshly to those. But we appeal to people; if you follow the queue, it would be faster than trying to jump the queue and blocking everybody. We also appeal to those who will be travelling not to drink while they are still travelling. It is better to take water, you arrive much fresher in your destination than taking alcohol because alcohol comes with all sorts of ills, including accidents.”