Duduzane Zuma to form own party, contest 2024 polls

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The son of former president Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma, says traditional politics in South Africa need to make room for untainted, vibrant, and young leadership.

He has confirmed that he has cut ties with the African National Congress (ANC) to form his own party called All Game Changers.

Duduzane Zuma says he is contesting the upcoming elections:

Duduzane Zuma says the party’s main focus is to alleviate poverty, fight crime and boost the country’s economy.

“The ANC, its former leaders, and current leaders have played their role. There is a lot of rejuggling and reshuffling and we do not have time for that. They have done, tried, tested and it is clearly failing. People are raising their hands including myself, this is clearly not working and you are not fooling anybody. We love you guys, you have played your part but it’s time to get off the dance floor.”

Commenting on his father’s endorsement of the also newly formed uMkhonto WeSizwe Party (MK), Duduzane Zuma said they had agreed to respect each other’s political paths.

“It is something we will understand through his utterances and response, his concerns. I will not have that conversation. He is his own man, who makes his own decisions. He is my father at the end of the day, he is my hero and icon but I will continue to say this: it is a new time and this new time needs soldiers and we are on a battlefield.”