Defence to focus on Khumalo’s TV interview while Meyiwa trial was underway

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Zandile Khumalo’s TV interview last year, while the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial was already underway, is set to be a focal point for the defence when her cross-examination begins on Thursday.

In the interview with eNCA, Zandile talks about the night Meyiwa was killed and other related issues. The defence is expected to interrogate her on this.

The former Orlando Pirates keeper was shot and killed when according to the state’s case, two intruders allegedly stormed into Zandile’s mother’s Vosloorus house and demanded cellphones and money before a scuffle ensued. It was in the middle of that scuffle that a shot went off and Meyiwa was killed.

The trial was adjourned on Wednesday as Zandile complained of chest pains.

Beyond the TV interview, the positioning of cellphones before, during and after Meyiwa’s murder, as well as the positioning of everyone in the kitchen during the scuffle are some of the points the defense is expected to makes bones of contention.

Zandile Khumalo set to continue with her testimony: Chriselda Lewis reports


In her evidence-in-chief, Zandile, who’s one of the people who were in the house when allegedly two intruders entered the house and demanded cellphones and money, has explained the position of some of the cellphones in the house.

On Monday, she told the court that Kelly’s cellphone was charging on the TV stand before and when the two alleged intruders came in, while she hid her phone under a cushion on the couch she sat on.

On Tuesday, she has told the court that her mother, Gladness Khumalo’s cellphone was charging in the kitchen on the stove next to the fridge when the intruders allegedly came and during the scuffle.

According to Zandile, it was after the shooting and while Meyiwa lay on the floor with a gun shot wound to his chest, that her mother removed Kelly’s phone from the TV stand before she was elbowed by the gun-carrying intruder who then took the phone.

She also says she only got to her phone, which was under a cushion on the couch, only after the intruders had left the house and after she came out of the bathroom she had run into when the first shot fired.

It was only after the came back from the hospital, and the house was full of the police and other people, that she noticed Meyiwa’s phone was on the floor in the kitchen, slightly under the stove.

Only one phone was stolen and the defence is expected to interrogate her on this during cross-examination.

Before she concluded her examination-in-chief, Zandile said they had pushed the two alleged intruders into the kitchen, she picked up Tumelo Madlala’s crutch to assault the taller intruder with it. However, because she couldn’t reach, Madlala grabbed it out of her hands and started assaulting the alleged taller wearing a hoodie with it.

However, on Wednesday morning, pointing out accused 2, Bongani Ntanzi, as one the man who wore a hoodie on the night, told the court that he could remember him very well because she stood “very close” to him in the very small kitchen in which the scuffle took place.

Baloyi: How far were you from him?

Zandi: I was very close. As you can see in that picture that the stove is next to the stove and fridge.

Baloyi: So I was very close. Do you remember the features?

Zandi: His whole face, his body, and his height.

It was at this time that, the alleged gun-carrying intruder with dreadlocks had his back against the kitchen door, with Meyiwa facing him trying to wrestle the gun from him.

Then a shot went off.

Proceedings were disrupted almost immediately at the beginning when Zandile started sobbing when she took from where had left off before the Monday adjournment, narrating about how Meyiwa’s eyes stayed open in the car and his torso was getting cold as they approached the Botshelong Hospital.

Amid her intense sobs, the state asked for a brief comfort break.

Holding back tears and voice still shaky, Zandile returned to explain in court how she heard her mother burst out and cried from inside the room where Meyiwa was after he was removed from the car by a stretcher at the emergency area of the hospital.

She says it was at this time that they knew something was not right and moments later, her mother came out and told them Meyiwa was no more.

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