DA targeting wrong person in Mbalula regarding ANC’s cadre deployment records: Legal expert

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Legal expert Mpumelelo Zikalala says the Democratic Alliance (DA) is targeting the wrong person in seeking an order of contempt against African National Congress Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula.

This comes after the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed the ANC’s attempt to appeal an earlier ruling of the High Court in Johannesburg, ordering the ruling party to hand over its cadre deployment records to the DA.

The ANC had earlier said that it would turn to the Constitutional Court in a final bid to appeal. It now says that the 15-day deadline that the court had imposed to launch the appeal has lapsed.

Zikalala says in this case the court was wrong to rule in favour of the DA.

“What we are then doing is saying allow a competitor to disclose intimate knowledge of how they conduct their business which would be detrimental to the manner in which they campaign, for instance, in the near future. You can’t go to company A and then say because you are competitors, I want to look at your records and see what it is that you do. The Constitutional Court would have had a much better realm in terms of thinking about this particular matter. Should the documents be provided. In fact, for me they are barking up the wrong tree.”

Zikalala’s full interview on SAfm’s Weekend View: