South Africa needs young people who are critical thinkers to stabilize the economy: Hellen Zille

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DA federal council Chairperson, Helen Zille says South Africa needs young people who are critical thinkers to stabilize the economy and other affairs of the country.

Zille was in conversation with University of the Free State, Prof Hussein Solomon about her new book – Stay Woke, Go Broke.

Among other things the book explores is why American culture wars will destroy SA and what can be done about it.

Zille says South Africans should change their way of thinking. She added that the fundamental architecture of “wokeness” is the same as apartheid.

Zille adds that her book reveals how the imbalance within the society has grown in the country.

“You would need to understand a range of paradigms, to which to explain the world, and processes and programmes and history. And the disasters of history, how to avoid that. Those are the thinking tools that you need as a functional member of society. But today, I see humanities curriculum that young people are taught on what to think and how to think it, within a straight jacket of a particular paradigm that I totally believe it will be a disaster for South Africa,” says Helen Zille.

Zille says the unrest seen in the country recently was a result of ANC political instability.

“The ANC is unravelling and unfortunately, the unravelling of political parties take a long time. And for the ANC’s case, it can’t be reversed and I have been saying that for years. And the crisis we have seen in KwaZulu-Natal is exactly a proof of that and it’s an internal ANC battle that have spilled over into South Africa, and has left South Africa damaged as usual with its political interest,” says Helen Zille.

The virtual conversation was organised by the University of the Free State politics department.