The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to clarify why an ANC-led delegation was able to fly to Zimbabwe, using an SANDF Airforce jet.

The delegation, led by ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule, met with officials from the governing ZANU-PF this week – following allegations of human rights violations amid the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

The Zimbabwean government has consistently denied the allegations – despite recent reports indicating that several activists and opposition politicians, who’ve been labelled anti-government, have been arrested or abducted.

DA Shadow Minister of Defence, Kobus Marais, says the meeting was between the two political parties – and not among officials of the South African and Zimbabwean governments.

“I think it is ludicrous. Since when do the jets of the air force give lifts to friends and colleagues and cadres? That is not the intention, not what the legislation says or what the constitution says. There must be separation between party and state and this is certainly blurring the lines. It smells like corruption. I think it is very important that the commander in chief must show his leadership and he must reprimand the minister, he must come out and apologize to the country. He is not only the commander in chief of the SANDF, he is the president and he is also the leader of the ANC.”

In the audio below, SANDF protocols: