D-Day for Zuma on NPA submissions

President Zuma faces charges of corruption, money-laundering and racketeering.
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Wednesday is the deadline for President Jacob Zuma to make fresh representations to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on why he should not face prosecution for corruption.

In December, NPA head Shaun Abrahams gave Zuma a reprieve by extending the deadline which was initially set at November the 30.

Zuma faces charges of corruption, fraud, money-laundering and racketeering.

This after the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal of a High Court ruling declaring the NPA’s 2009 decision to drop the charges irrational.

The charges concern the multi-billion rand arms deal.

Zuma’s former financial advisor, Schabir Shaik was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2005 for similar charges related to the same matter.

Zuma escaped prosecution because some in the NPA felt the timing of the charges was politically-motivated.

Zuma’s legal team had asked Abrahams for an opportunity to make representations before it decided whether to prosecute him.