Court set to sentence Govender brothers over July Unrest

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The Durban High Court is preparing to deliver its verdict and sentence the Govender brothers, Dylan and Ned, for their alleged involvement in the murder of Mondli Majola during the civil unrest that engulfed Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal in 2021.

While the accused were acquitted of the murder charge in May, they were found guilty on counts of attempted murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The incident garnered significant attention due to Majola being one of the reported victims among the estimated 30 people who lost their lives during the violent incidents in Phoenix.

The civil unrest that unfolded in July 2021 was marked by widespread chaos, looting, and the destruction of businesses, claiming the lives of more than 300 individuals in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces. The situation in Phoenix, a predominantly Indian township, was particularly tense, with reports of racially motivated violence and confrontations.

Phoenix residents testify at the Human Rights Commission’s Hearings:

The sentencing hearing in the Durban High Court will provide an opportunity for the court to determine the appropriate punishment for the convicted brothers.

The proceedings have been closely followed by the community, local activists, and human rights organisations, all of whom emphasise the importance of justice, accountability, and healing in the aftermath of the devastating events. The case has highlighted the need for addressing the underlying issues of social division, racial tensions, and systemic inequality that were exposed during the unrest.

The sentencing of the Govender brothers will be closely monitored, as it will undoubtedly carry significance for the affected communities, the broader public, and the ongoing efforts to address the aftermath of the civil unrest in Phoenix and other affected areas.

Releases documentary on the 2021 July Unrest: