Court declares decision to appoint Ernest Moroa-Mohube as Bapedi acting king as lawful

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The High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo, has declared that the decision that Bapedi royal family took on February the 28th last year to appoint Ernest Moroa-Mohube as the acting king, was a lawful decision.

Judge Ephraim Makgoba ruled that another meeting by five participants on February the 21st to appoint Queen Mother Manyaku Thulare as the regent was unlawful.

Manyaku is the mother to the late Bapedi King, Victor Thulare the third.

The court further instructed Manyaku to pay the complainants’ legal costs.

The queen mother’s representatives have declined to comment.

Chief Mothabeng Maila, a representative of the faction of the royal family which brought the application,
says they welcome the ruling .

“This is what we expected that we are on the right track, in a meeting which was held by the royal family on the 28th of February according to Judge Makgoba said that, that was well reconstituted meeting because the royal family said on the 28th because according to the law, the royal family must sit down and identify the successor or the regent if the successor is still a minor or if there is no successor at all.”

In March 2021, Queen Manyaku Thulare was appointed acting regent of the Bapedi people: