COPE yet to decide if Lekota will be recalled from Parliament following his suspension from the party

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Congress of the People Deputy President Willie Madisha says the Congress National Committee and Congress Executive Committee are yet to decide whether or not, its suspended President Mosioua Lekota will be recalled from Parliament.

Following its urgent Congress National Committee meeting on Sunday, the party decided to suspend Lekota, accusing him of dividing COPE among other reasons.

Madisha says the Congress Executive Committee will come up with a decision on the matter within the next seven days.

He briefed the media in Johannesburg on Monday morning.

He says at this point, Lekota has no choice but to abide by this decision, which will be communicated to him.

“The Congress Executive Committee will sit and take a decision which they have to make sure it is implemented as a matter of urgency. And I can tell you, that will be done in the next seven days, from today, after which the whole thing will then be sent to Parliament and of course he will be informed.”

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