Construction underway to fix collapsed dam wall in Benoni

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Work is underway to restore the partially collapsed wall of one of the series of dams in Benoni on Gauteng’s East Rand.

The concrete slab caved in earlier this week due to a suspected water pressure increase.  It’s not clear how long the operation will last and if this poses any danger to residents.

The operation has resulted in the closure of Bunyan and Tom Jones roads leading to the N12.

Ekurhuleni Emergency Management Services spokesperson, William Ntladi explains, “The amount of water that we are pumping out we are pumping it out into another dam which is also flowing out from the Lake Dam and we are monitoring that constantly to check the rising level of water in that area and throughout that whole stream downwards. But for now we are pumping at a very good rate that is not going to be flooding the area.”