Comrades Marathon Coach Lindsey Parry says novice runners who want to compete in the race should ideally be running at least 80-kilometres a week, at this stage of training.

Parry was addressing runners at the Durban leg of the Comrades Marathon Novice Seminar.

The ultra-marathon will take place on Sunday, June 9.

Parry who provided important fitness information says the key to completing this year’s up-run, is starting at a slow pace.

“This is the time when the training is quite serious and they’ll be doing essentially peak training. Really the people that we focus on are those that are just here to finish and get a medal and they going to finish somewhere between 10.5-hours and 12-hours and I would say that range of people is looking to be running at that stage between 60 and 80km a week.”

Dietician Nicki de Villiers says a runner’s diet should include quantities of carbohydrates, protein, and liquids before and after training sessions.

“You need to make sure that you eat something before, during and after those races. A lot of carbs with protein and enough liquid in those meals. Make sure that during your runs, you take carbohydrate sources. The rest of the day, pretty much solid eating, healthy eating with enough fruit and vegetables. Try to keep it whole grain. The morning of the race, you going to be awake much earlier so, 3 hours beforehand, have a big meal, so cereal, porridge, sweet potatoes, keep fat intake prior to the race really low because that will lay in your stomach and cause discomfort. I would then prefer that you even take a snack with you.”