Liberation movement Natal Indian Congress celebrates 130 years

Mahatma Gandhi
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Plans to mark the 130 years celebrations of the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) have been unveiled at the Sastri College in Durban.

They include a book documenting the formation of the liberation movement.

The events are a build-up to the main celebrations in August.

The movement, which Mahatma Gandhi established in 1894, played an important role in the dismantling of apartheid.

The NIC was home to struggle stalwarts who include Dr Monty Naicker and Farouk Meer.

The organising committee’s spokesperson, Ravi Pillay, elaborates.

“It’s the launch of a program and throughout the year, we will be having a few different things and the main event is in August and that’s the formation date. And then we’re going to have the revival of our book program which we started and then we’re also looking at institutionalising the legacy of the NIC through a partnership of an academic or legitimate organisation.”

PODCAST | Former Natal Indian Congress members meet in Durban to celebrate the organisation’s 130-year anniversary: