Community Health workers demand back pay and in-sourcing

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Around 100 community health workers affiliated to trade union National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) had a night vigil at the Gauteng Department of Health in Johannesburg, demanding outstanding salaries.

They are demanding their outstanding salaries since 2016 and in-sourcing and want to be employed on a permanent basis.

NUPSAW National Organiser, Solly Malema says in 2016 there was an agreement that the workers would be contracted and back paid.

Malema said, “The provincial Department of Health conducted verification. They started a process of verification and back paying. However plus or minus 300 community health workers were not verified to have worked and as a result they were not contracted and be back paid…”

“Then the dispute was about the verification process. To say we are not happy in the manner you conducted the verification,” added Malema.