City Power assessing underground fire site for repair work

Reading Time: 2 minutes

City Power in Johannesburg has dispatched teams to evaluate the site of an underground fire that occurred along the M1 highway near Braamfontein.

The fire, which erupted yesterday morning, led to a power outage in several surrounding areas, although it has since been contained.

Suspected causes of the fire include attempted cable theft and vandalism of underground infrastructure.

Isaac Mangena, spokesperson for City Power, stated that repair work will commence once the safety of the area has been confirmed.

Mangena says, “Work towards restoration will only start after the smoke is cleared in the tunnels and the temperatures which yesterday were sitting over a hundred degrees Celsius have cooled off in the tunnel…”

“If all is in order, we expect to start with mid-morning which will basically include the clearing of the rubble underground, assess the extent of the damaged electrical infrastructure, the outcome of which will basically determine the repairs and restoration plans and ETR which we don’t expect to be today or even even tomorrow,”