The City of Tshwane has thanked residents of Pretoria for adhering to the lockdown regulations. No major incidents have been reported in the city.

Tshwane Metro Police and members of the SAPS have been deployed to every part of the metro, particularly in areas such as Sunnyside.

Many residents of Pretoria have ushered in the New Year with fireworks but the streets of Sunnyside were generally deserted.

Gauteng motorists urged to abide by COVID-19 regulations:

Tshwane Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Safety and Emergency Services, Karen Meyer, says there was only one report of a party, which was shut down.

“We’re standing in the middle of the busiest road in Sunnyside currently, one of two minutes past midnight. The streets are empty, it’s just Tshwane Metro Police and SAPS in the roads and we are quite surprised that people are adhering to the new regulations. And we thank the people for that. The reports that we get from TMPD and SAPS is that the whole city is extremely quiet. There was one report of a party that was shut down.”

Warning against contravening regulations

The Metro Police warned Pretoria residents against contravening lockdown regulations, saying they could end up spending their long weekend in police cells.

Metro Police and SAPS members monitored the streets of Pretoria to ensure that there are no gathering would end up being super-spreader events of the coronavirus.

Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson, Isaac Mahamba, says they will continue to patrol the hotspots.

“Streets are empty because of visibility of TMPD in all the streets, so we continue to be here. Although we are still going to combine all the statistics, early on I can confirm we arrested about three people for not wearing their mask. Again we arrested about five of them who we found carrying alcohol.”