African National Congress (ANC) member Carl Niehaus has confirmed that the party has fired him.

Niehaus says he believes that he is being targeted by the party for his knowledge of illegal activities related to the non-payment of staffers.

ANC dismissal letter to Niehaus:

Niehaus yesterday, announced his intention to take senior members of the party to court over the matter.

Earlier today, Neihaus received a letter from the ANC asking that he explain why he should not be fired.

Carl Niehaus confirms being fired from the ANC:

Niehaus has since hit back, saying the party is acting illegally. He says he has evidence that a crime has been committed within the ANC.

“I have evidence which I believe proves that a crime has been committed. My intention is to make that evidence available to the police and then leave it in their hands to do the right thing and to investigate and to decide whether prosecution should take place or not.

To try and intimidate me from taking this action which is in fact a conscious citizen’s action is unacceptable and I believe that this intimidation against me is also intended to intimidate any other staff members of the ANC who want to follow a similar route.”

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe confirmed that Niehaus has been dismissed from the party. Mabe says Niehaus seems not to be aware of the programmes of the ANC.

Mabe on Niehaus’ firing: