Cape Town’s day zero moves forward

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The City of Cape Town says the much-anticipated “Day Zero” has moved forward by an estimated two months.

Day Zero is the day the city has predicted for the taps to run dry.

Earlier this month, it was estimated that day would be reached by 20 May next year.

However, high water usage in the metro over the past few weeks has caused water levels to fall by a further 1.1%.

Dam levels currently stand at an average of 33%, of which 10% is unusable.

Mayoral spokesperson, Zara Nicholson has urged residents to reduce consumption.

Nicholson says if consumption continues to rise, together with the very hot windy conditions which increase evaporation losses, Day Zero will happen as soon as 18 March 2018.

“This is a terrifying prospect. Residential customers remain the largest portion of water users. If we can bring consumption down to 500 million litres per day, we will be able to avoid Day Zero,” adds Nicholson.