Cape Town dam capacity drops by 2%

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The total capacity of dams supplying the Cape Town metro has decreased by 2% in the last week from 85.4% to 83.4%.

Daily water consumption for the same period increased to 812 million litres per day, compared to 799 million litres the week before.

At the same time last year, dam levels were at 70.6%.

The City of Cape Town has also urged residents to abide by its water by-laws in order to prevent the wasting of water.

Dam levels have been dropping countrywide in recent times.

The Vaal Dam is one of those that have been experiencing the decline, with levels dropping to 30% last year.

Despite this, however, the Department of Water and Sanitation said there was no need for water restrictions.

In the video below, Vaal dam water levels keep dropping:

South Africa has water scarcity challenges, which experts say are exacerbated by the impact of global climate change, climate variability and increasing demand on available water resources.