Cape Town dam levels at over 50% capacity

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The average level of the dams supplying water to the City of Cape Town has more than doubled, compared to two years ago when the city was gripped by a drought.

Levels currently sit at 63.4% capacity compared to 31% in 2018. At this time last year, the average dam level was just over 45%.

All six dams supplying the Cape Town with water are over 50% full, with the biggest, Theewaterskloof, filled to nearly 60%.

A cold front has been forecast for Thursday this week. Another one is expected to follow at the beginning of next week and will bring more rain and possibly snow.

Level 1 water restrictions are currently in effect in the City of Cape Town.

Residents and visitors in Cape Town are restricted to using 120 litres of treated water per person, per day.

The Western Cape has faced serious water shortages due to poor rainfall during our 2015, 2016 and 2017 winter seasons. The demand for water has also steadily increased every year due to the province’s rapidly growing population and economy.

This, as well as unpredictable climate change, has added significant pressure on our water supply.

Cape Town Dam levels (Text)