Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriations (SCOA) has added its voice to calls for the list of the companies that have been awarded tenders for COVID-19 PPEs to be published so that transparency and accountability is exercised.

The committee says the good work that government has done since the outbreak of the coronavirus must not be soiled by tender impropriety.

Committee Chairperson Sfiso Buthelezi says law enforcement agencies must deal with those found guilty.

“That’s why we are saying as SCOA, we align with the minister of finance when he says the good work should not be soiled by some malfeasance, that we have heard malfeasance of people who are overcharging, government tender procedures not followed, companies which are claiming UIF but not paying beneficiaries. We are saying that must be condemned and the law enforcement agencies must step in.”

In the video below, Diko and Masukus to appear before Gauteng ANC PEC over PPE tender: 

Meanwhile, Civil Society Organisation, the Conty Lebepe Foundation has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa to order the Special Investigating Unit to probe PPE contracts issued by the Limpopo Health Department.

The foundation says it has received evidence of impropriety.

It says business people linked to some prominent national and provincial government politicians have been unduly awarded the contracts.

The foundation’s Conty Lebepe wants the contracts to be investigated.

“As the ConLe Foundation we are calling for the president to extend the SIU investigations into Limpopo, particular in the department of Health. We have received the evidence of corruption in regards to the delivering of the PPEs. We have submitted our request to the presidency of South Africa already with the evidence. I can’t release the names now but the president and the SIU can give us the clarity on this matter after their investigation.”

In the video below, ANC Gauteng removes trio accused in PPE tender scandal:

However, Limpopo Health Spokesperson, Neil Shikwambana, has denied allegations of impropriety, adding they will be publishing the list of companies that received contracts to supply PPE in the province during the course of the coming week.

“We have not received the petition officially but in terms of the instruction notes from the treasury, we are supposed to submit the list to treasury and the office of the auditor general within 10 days after appointment and in our part we have also extended this to the legislature. But we have also seen this call by the Civil Society Organisations and on our part because we don’t have anything to hide, we will be able to publish the list within the coming week.”