Budget 2024 brings us closer to economic revival: Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa says the budget is the right direction to growth
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President Cyril Ramaphosa says that the 2024 budget shows the country is heading in the right direction.

This comes after Finance Minister, Enoch Godongwana, delivered the budget speech last week, which aimed to strike a balance between growing the economy and supporting the vulnerable.

In his weekly letter, Ramaphosa says this budget takes the country further along the path of reviving the economy and building its institutions in three ways.

He says the budget shows the country is staying the course in its commitment to achieve a sustainable fiscal trajectory.

Ramaphosa adds that the budget protects critical services and social spending and includes new measures to support growth and create jobs while building infrastructure.

He says, “We have implemented far-reaching reforms in the energy, logistics, water and telecommunications sectors to address the binding constraints on growth. We have created a stable macroeconomic environment to encourage investment. And we have expanded public employment and social protection to create jobs and provide an income for those who are unemployed.”