Botswana‘s Independent Electoral Commission has refuted allegations of irregularities in the delivery of external votes cast by expatriates in foreign countries.

Opposition parties lambasted the Electoral commission, following allegations that some ballot boxes were kept in the homes of its officials after arriving back in the country.

They also allege that they were only delivered to the Electoral commission’s offices at a later stage.

Electoral commission spokesperson, Osupile Maroba, has attributed the allegations to a lack of understanding of the electoral processes.

“It’s very unfortunate that sometimes people tend to cast aspersions on a process when they don’t exactly understand what should happen, when in actual fact the law is very specific on how elections are conducted. If anybody can come up to challenge the contravention of sections of the electoral laws and how they should be implemented, I would listen… but if people talk from the position of rumour that they hear it’s very unfortunate,” says Maroba.


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