Political analyst at the University of Botswana Gladys Mokhawa says Batswana want developments, job creation and economic growth.

This as Batswana prepare to go to the polls next Wednesday.

Mokhawa says the rate of unemployment caused by lack of skills and the sluggish economy, among others, is a cause for concern for the country.

According to the Trading Economics website, unemployment in Botswana increased from 17.6% in 2017 to 17.9% in 2018, meaning over 400 000 people remain jobless.

Mokhawa explains, “There are a couple of issues. I mean if you look at unemployment, I think, basically all of the political parties are in unison in terms of agreeing that it’s a major problem for this country. But I think more importantly what is also interesting is even the BDP is talking about the fact that unemployment is an issue. And they are not necessarily trying to justify whether it is the case. They are aware that it’s a major issue. But I think beyond unemployment, there are a couple of issues, undiversified economy, which has been a bit sluggish. There’s also an issue of corruption, and governance issues.”